We’re changing things up!

Typically, a third-party firm will charge a client company 25%-35% of the hired-candidates first year salary as a fee for their contingency based recruiting services.

$100,000 placement = $25,000 fee.

The logic? Search firms will state the fee is based on the work they’ve done for years, building their proprietary database.

The flaw? There is no such thing as a proprietary database! Technology and the speed at which the market moves would render that information useless rather quickly.

With today’s tech, I would question any company that would make such a claim. After all, what makes it proprietary?

We’re taking on new clients and offering our search services for $1000.00 per week. This pay-as-you-go approach, by the numbers should translate to thousands in savings for our clients.

We limit the amount of search we engage on to assure the best possible outcome for our clients. Our approach is based on teamwork.

We team up with our clients, providing a weekly search that is valuable, yet inexpensive enough that smaller companies that traditionally couldn’t take advantage of such services now can.

The average time to hire in the Information Technology Space is thirty days.

If you would like to learn more about our search and recruiting services or have a search assignment you’d like us to get started on, great! We’d love to hear from you.